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This page covers all the information parents need to know before booking with Camp Allstars and sending your child to our Camp.


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Our standard hours for camps are 9am to 5pm and all standard prices are based on these hours.  


From the minute our doors open until the very last child is picked up, every day at Camp Allstars is packed full to the brim with action, adventure and fun. From the energetic to the creative, from the classics to the unusual, your child can expect to take part in around six engaging activities each day. Our philosophy when it comes to activities is to ensure every session is bursting with energy and fun. We also want children to try things they wouldn’t normally get to do, learn some new skills in the process and go home tired and happy after each day after making memories with Camp Allstars. You will also be able to see what your child is doing by viewing the timetable at the registration area when you sign your child in on camp.

Can children chose their activities? 

The under-8s follow a timetable put together by us, based on our experience and knowledge of what works best for this age group.

From 1.30pm, children aged 8 and over will be able to choose from a shortlist of activities they’d prefer to do.

With a different timetable every day, camp remains fresh, whether your children are new or returning to us for a day, week or the whole season.


Camp Allstars ask parents to be prompt in bringing their child to camp and collecting them at the end of the day. Parents are also asked to inform Head Office/ Camp Manager when a child is not attending the camp due to illness and other circumstances. The Camp Manager will contact parents to find out why the child has not been at the camp when booked in for that day.

  • Parents are asked to tell Head Office/Camp Manager if their child is going to be absent and ask them to provide a reason i.e. they are sick.

  • We ask parents to contact at the beginning of the day.

  • Parents can ring or text the camp manager or call head office to inform us if their child is not attending.

  • If a child doesn’t attend the camp for their sessions, the camp manager or head office would be responsible for contacting the parent to find out the reason why.

  • We would speak to the parent personally.

  • If there is no reply and the child does not come to the camp, we would refer to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy as the welfare of the child is a priority.

How will my child be looked after?

  • ​Risk assessments will be carried out at all venues that we attend and prioritise that this space is appropriate and safe for all ages. All of our staff, who are all enhanced DBS checked are trained in the procedures of a risk assessment and other necessary policies.

  • All staff are well trained for a variety of safeguarding and monitoring procedures. These include health and safety, hygiene standards, first aid training and expert experience in interacting with children and monitoring their behaviour.

  • All children are monitored consistently throughout the day (during breaks too) also they are accompanied to the toilet until they reach age 11.

  • Our staff are not only trained in the safety aspect of childcare but also the guarantee of fun - Camp Allstars staff are people who deliver a vast number of activities that are full of fun, enthusiasm and energy paired with expert knowledge to ensure your children really do enjoy their time with us.

  • At the end of each day we will ensure all of your child's belongings are collected and provide you will an optional short feedback discussion of what your child has done throughout the day, their great rapport with other children and the staff and maybe even something quirky they have done to make us all smile!

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