Camp Allstars - where every child is a Star.

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Camp Allstars is a newly established camp set up by myself, Simoine Morgan-Barnes. I am a Lawyer and  mother of two boys aged 7 & 14 months. The idea of setting up Camp Allstars came from many conversations I had with my eldest son, who I had sent to numerous multi activity camps during the school holidays over the past two years. At times, my son would be unhappy after his day at Camp for a number of reasons; a common theme would appear in our conversations - he was often bored. There was even a time where he told me he would rather go to Explore & Learn, then Camp!


The purpose behind Camp Allstars is that 'every child is a star'. Our activities, which include sports and arts and craft are designed so that the children get maximum enjoyment. Our aim, is such, that when you collect your child, they are full of joy, excited to share all the things they have done and learnt on the day, mostly importantly they are not bored! Camp Allstars, is not your typical multi activity camp, are Group Leaders all come from professional backgrounds with at least five years experience within their professions.


The schedule has been designed in conjunction with Sports Coaches, Arts Teachers and other Professionals engaged with children; I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many people, all of whom are passionate and believe in the aims and objectives of Camp Allstars.  If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with me personally by calling


07903 280 220.

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